PCI-Portal for Merchants

PCI Portal für Händler

Merchants are required to document their PCI compliance by filling-in the Self Assessment Questionnaire and by regularly executing external vulnerability scans. Acertigo assists the merchant with his Merchant Compliance Portal. This is an easy to use web-based application which guides the merchant through the whole assessment process.

Five Steps: We help Merchants to be compliant!

With its step-by-step approach the Merchant Compliance Portal aids the merchant in implementing and maintaining PCI compliance. The online Self Assessment Questionnaire guides the merchant through every single questions with references to the standard and hints to best-practice approaches.

PCI-DSS-Portal Workflow

The individual scheduling of the vulnerability scan by the merchant addresses the business demands and provides a high degree of flexibility in managing this task. The comprehensive vulnerability scan report gives the merchant a clear understanding of possible findings during the scan and enables the initiation of remediation activities to achieve compliance.

Portal Functionality

  • Registration
  • Classification
  • PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire
  • External PCI Vulnerability Scanning and Scan Reports
  • Compliance statement and related documents
  • Document archive
  • Automated tracking and notification of upcoming tasks

Learn more about Merchant Certification

PCI-DSS Documents from PCI Councils

  1. PCI-DSS Standard (download here external Link)
  2. PCI: Guideline and Overview (download here )
  3. SAQ: Instructions and Guidelines (download here )
  4. PCI Scanning Procedures (download here )
  5. PCI Glossary (download here )


If you wish to start the certification process immediately, you could request a Price Information and a Login-Code here .

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