Acquirer Compliance Solutions

Our Acquirer Compliance Solutions address the specific needs of an acquirer of merchant compliance management. The Acquirer Compliance Solutions helps acquiring institutions to satisfy the card schemes’ requirements in achieving their own compliance, improves the automation of the required reporting tasks, and in managing the compliance programme requirements, as regulated by Visa AIS, MasterCard SDP, and American Express DSOP data security programmes.

The solution provides the acquirer with a comprehensive set of tools to obtain information from the merchant, enrolment and classification of merchants in the program, tracking of merchant compliance status, statistics, and generation of related reports for acquirer management staff and card schemes.

The Acquirer Compliance Solution enables the acquirer to collect all data of his merchants independent of the QSA the individual merchant has selected for his compliance services. This provides the acquirer with the highest level of independence and compliance data collection across his whole merchant population and different QSA companies involved in merchant certification.